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We only recommend online platforms and other resources that we have come to trust because we have used them to manage and grow our business. 


We are affiliates for some of these tools, so if you use a link to make a purchase, we may earn a commission.  There is no extra cost to you because of our affiliation. Please rest assured that we recommend these platforms based on our research and experience using them, not because of the incidental commissions we may receive.  They have been powerful tools for our business. Many platforms have free options with fundamental features, so you should only purchase any of these products if you need more than the available free versions offer and if you believe that the subscriptions will help you achieve your business goals.

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Why Do I Use it?

Fiverr is a digital creator platform that entrepreneurs can use to secure the services of talented digital professionals who can create various digital products to brand a new business, such as logos, custom social media images, videos, and much more.  Even better, the prices are quoted upfront, and there is someone who will work with you no matter how low your budget may be.  So, you can work on gaining new clients while someone with the creativity and skills needed to brand your business produces unique to your business digital products.

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Why Do I Use it?

QuickBooks is an accounting record-keeping system.  Understanding and tracking a business's finances is critical to the success of every business.   Many new businesses fail in great part due to the owners not having a grasp of the financial standing of their businesses.  QuickBooks produces financial reports which can be used to assess a business's profitability and to plan for growth.

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Why Do I Use it?

Capture the attention of customers today can be daunting but absolutely necessary for the success of your business.  You need to build trust with prospective customers before they will commit to a purchase in many cases.  One the best ways to earn their trust is to establish yourself as an expert in your field, and one way you can be successful is by sharing your knowledge on a podcast. With millions listening to a podcast everyday, podcasting can help build your brand.

Be the expert
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Tax forms 1040,1120,1065

You can use these tax organizers to help gather the information and documents needed to prepare your personal income tax returns.


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